Pharmacy technician book

Getting a pharmacy technician certification usually requires some accredited training, then you need to pass your choice of one of a couple exams. The PTCB or the ExCPT, they’re both recognized nationwide by states and pharmacists that require their technicians to be certified before they can get a job with them. The PTCB exam is proctored by two organizations, the pharmacy technicians unification Board and the Institute for the certification of pharmacy technicians.

You can decide to take your test online or at an approved location anytime you wish. You don’t have to necessarily take any courses through a brick-and-mortar school to sit the exam, you can just just buy a pharmacy technician book and learn at your own pace. But because the exam will cost some money to take its generally recommend that you take an accredited course to help you prepare for the test. You may be able to find courses offered at your local community college, or regular universities may have a specialized training program for pharmacy techs.

There’s several specific modules that you’re going to want to study for the PTCB test. Firstly you’re going to want to understand different drug actions, specifically how the different kinds of drugs react within the body. You also need to have strong understanding of anatomy, medical terminology, chemistry, and the different laws regarding drug prep and pharmacy regulations.

Besides the things covered on the actual test, an accredited training course will also teach you how to maintain the pharmacy’s inventory, and how to use pharmaceutical programs for organizing prescriptions, and also how to do the billing for pharmacy administration. Even though these subjects will not be part of your official exam, they’re extremely important as they will help you be a valuable part of the pharmacy in real life work.

The only thing you have to have to sit the exam is a GED or high school diploma, and you must be at least 18. Not including that anyone at all can take the test. The right type of person for this job is someone who enjoys dealing with customers and has a strong basic grasp of math. If this sounds like the job for you being a pharmacy tech is in high demand and you could have a very satisfying career.