Pharmacy Technician Certification Board – Producing Top Quality Pharmacy Techs

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or PTCB is a national Washington D.C. based agency that basically standardizes pharmacy technician certification testing across the country, so that that hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmacists will know that brand new certified pharmacy technicians all have the same basic skill sets.
The PTCB writes the certification exams and administers them as well. Interestingly enough, it’s a rather new agency, only being in existence since 1995, which goes to show that this quickly developing career path is gaining in strength and popularity.

The truth is that we have a very rapidly aging population in the U.S. and with that aging there comes a need for increased health care and increased prescription medications – thus the need for more pharmacies and pharmacy technicians.

With the baby boomers beginning to retire, the health care industry is really only just beginning to explode. Over the next ten to twenty years the growth is going to be astounding. No longer will this country be a nation based around financial services and manufacturing jobs, health care and pharmacy tech jobs are the definite wave of the future.

In order to put yourself on the path to financial security, getting into the health care industry and getting your pharmacy technician certification is a very intelligent move.

The pharmacy tech pay scale is very good in the industry, with the lowest possible starting salary being a shade below 30k (and this would be in low income areas of the country). It certainly beats flipping hamburgers, and this is a career that you can move into within around 9 months. There are schools, both online, and traditional all over the place. The health care industry is practically begging for pharm techs. Honestly, this career is ripe and waiting for those smart few that decide to act. The amount of job openings is always decent because of high turnover rates and because of growth in the industry.

Go to a good pharmacy tech school, either online or on campus, for six to twelve months, take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board test, pass it, and you’re practically guaranteed a very good paying job. But, not only that, this isn’t just a job, it’s a career. This is something that you can build a life around, you’ll make enough money to pay the bills, save money, and go on nice vacations, whatever you like. Don’t hesitate, now is the time to move forward in your pharmacy technician career.

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