Pharmacy technician certification board

A licensed pharmacist will have to have a doctorate degree in pharmacology and a valid license to practice, a pharmacy certification will not be required; but someone with a doctorate in pharmacology may find it beneficial to get one of the specialty certifications in pharmaceutical medicine, one example being nuclear pharmacy, this will enhance the career you already have by allowing you to specialize. As a pharmacy technician, you are absolutely going to be required to have a pharmacy certification to enable you to be the assistant of a pharmacist.

Before you go out and try to get a pharmacy certification, you need to be aware of all the different certifications required of the pharmacist themselves as opposed to what you need to be a pharmacist assistant. All throughout the United States, you’ll find that everywhere requires pharmacists to have successfully completed a doctorate program from an accredited university, in addition to that they have to pass one or possibly more tests given by the national Association of boards of pharmacy, but this can vary depending on the state. After all this is done the pharmacist then has the opportunity to apply for any pharmacy job in the United States. The only reason the pharmacist would need a certification is if they wish to give out some specially regulated pharmaceuticals that are not included in the traditional pharmacy training, some examples would be oncology, nuclear, or some psychiatric medications.

The people who will be assisting pharmacists in the day-to-day tasks of the pharmacy are called pharmacy technicians, in order to get this job you have to have an accredited certification. As an aspiring technician you’re going to have to have at least an Associates degree in a field related to pharmacy, in addition to that you must take and pass the pharmacy technician certification Board national exam in order to join the ranks of the certified pharmacy techs.

Before you decide on any course of certification, you’ll need to do some thorough research. Contact prospective colleges and inquire as to if they are providing any accredited pharmacy tech training, or if they have any certificate courses for any pharmaceutical specialties.