Pharmacy technician certification exam

In order to become a pharmacy technician, you’ll have to pass a state licensed certification exam. Some training centers might require you to have a GED or high school education, but most will let you in if you pass their entrance exam. This is to make sure that you have the appropriate skills to enter their training.

A pharmacy tech will take on more responsibilities than a pharmacy aide does, and because of this there’s a larger demand for pharmacy techs. That’s exactly why more people continue to enroll in pharmacy tech education programs. Another very important thing to keep in mind when completing your pharmacy school is that you must pass a test and get certified. Having the certification will make it a lot easier to find a job. If you have the certification I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding work because of the increasing number of hospitals nationwide.

Getting certified by the national pharmacy technician’s certification board can have a strong effect on the salary you can demand. Your salary will also vary according to your work environment. As an example the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that if you work in a surgical hospital you will typically make around $12.32 an hour. But if you’re working in a retail pharmacy you make around $9.69 per hour.

Going by the Bureau of Labor Statistics data since May 2008 the average pharmacy technician will make from $19,000-$39,000 per year. With the median salary being $27,000. Going by the American Medical Association the typical annual salary for a brand-new pharmacy tech is $19,000. If you want more data about pharmacy technician salaries go take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is currently expected to continue to increase at a faster pace than average all the way through 2016. This is due mostly to the fact of the ever growing number of elderly people who will be in need of prescription medication. Also as scientific advances continue to extend people’s lives a growing number of people will need medication.

So what are some ways you can find the best pharmacy tech school for you? Compare the different courses offered at schools around your area, try to find an online school that would better suit your schedule, and make sure to contact all the schools in your area for free information.

Finally if you have the interest for pursuing this career consider courses in chemistry, mathematics, and biology they are recommended but aren’t necessarily required. Required areas of study will be pharmaceutical terminology, pharmacy calculations, different pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy ethics and laws.