Pharmacy Technician — Continuing Education Requirements

The pharmacy technician continuing education requirements aren’t very strenuous, which is as it should be, because working professionals are busy people. All it requires is 20 credit hours of schooling to be taken within 2 year time frame.

There is no requirement to take the certification exam over again, ever, all that’s required is that you pass an examination covering the 20 hours of continuing education that you’re required to learn by law. The courses tend to be fairly simple, but remember this is your chance to learn something new, so take it seriously, this is your chosen career.

There are various pharmacy technician continuing education classes that one can take ranging in subject from diabetes treatment, to pediatric care, to geriatric health issues, to nutrition, to various courses on specific medications and so on. The only requirement is that you pass the final exam within the two year period.

And yes, everyone must take 20 hours of continuing education every 2 years in order to stay licensed. This type of continuing education is common in many professions in many different areas, especially where governmental licenses are required. The real estate industry is very similar.

The course work must be offered by an ACPE-accredited provider, which is overseen by the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board). When your two year period is coming to a close, you’ll most likely be bombarded by schools reminding you that your pharmacy tech continuing education requirements are almost due. It’s best to double check, but the overwhelming majority of these schools will be ACPE-accredited, so the course work will be accepted.

In order to make it easier for everybody, you will be allowed to study your course work online and never have to set foot in a classroom. The boards understand that pharmacy technicians are working professions with families and it’s difficult to set aside time for classroom study.

However, the final examination must be proctored. Which, of course, makes sense, otherwise people would just give themselves a passing grade without having even studied, defeating the purpose of continuing education all together. There will be testing centers within almost every area, often at the local community college, making it very convenient. But remember, don’t miss the deadline or your license could be at risk.

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