Pharmacy technician job description

Considering the surge of growth lately in the pharmacy industry, the outlook is very promising if you want to start a pharmacy technician career. These days it’s becoming truer all the time that the helping hands of the pharmacists are the ones who are mostly running the store.

The typical role of a pharmacy tech has been changing from what it used to be several years ago. With the introduction of the pharmacy tech, healthcare costs are able to be lowered because of the lower paid workers managing the daily tasks, the pharmacist is able to give his attention to the more important duties.

But the type of things you find yourself doing will be based on your experience, seniority and how large your pharmacy is. Most of the time you’ll probably be counting pills, and labeling and measuring ordering supplies.

In online and retail pharmacies the pharmacy technician job description will usually have you taking on the role of the assistant to a licensed pharmacist, you’ll be taking care of most of the computer entry work like storing and sorting data, putting the labels on bottles, filling the prescriptions, handing out the medication to patients, and counting the pills as the need arises.

They’ll also be responsible for keeping an accurate count and maintaining the necessary stock of all prescriptions and all the over-the-counter medicines. Some of your other duties will have you stocking shelves and filling out insurance claims as well as answering the phones.

If you end up working in a nursing home or hospital you’ll have additional responsibilities. You’ll have to read the physicians orders located on the patient’s chart and deliver and prepare their medication after it’s been inspected by pharmacist. Then you’ll have to input which medicine you gave the patient in the computer records. In addition to that you’ll often find yourself getting together a 24 hour supply of pills for some of your patients, labeling and packaging each prescription accurately. As your seniority increases you may even take on the extra responsibility of giving out advice for minor sicknesses and ailments.