Pharmacy technician jobs in California

It’s not really a secret that the healthcare field is continuing to grow and it looks that this will continue at least in the immediate and perhaps even long-term future. The baby boomers are by far the biggest consumer group that the world has ever encountered, and these people are starting to get into their golden years and into retirement. Down here in California they’re still staying active, some of them are taking scuba diving, learning to dance, or getting involved in hiking.

But as a precursor to their active lifestyle they first need to keep their health in check. We are already starting to see a trend of a growing need for clinics and hospitals near retirement communities. Do a Google search for San Diego retirement community and several of them include as a highlight easy access to health services.

One of the largest necessities that seniors need access to is prescription medication. And the only people that are licensed by the state of California to give out such medication are pharmacists. But these people aren’t able to handle the demand, so this has created another job that must be filled, the pharmacy technician.

So what exactly does a pharmacy technician do? They help by assisting the pharmacists to provide medication and other healthcare needs for their patients. If you’re working in a retail environment as a pharmacy tech you’ll be providing a lot of customer service and stocking the shelves with medical supplies and different medicines, helping to answer the phones and other office related tasks.

If you’re working in a physician office or hospital, a pharmacy tech will be required to verify the accuracy of prescriptions, prepare the correct dosages for each medication, and update medical data for the patients. They’ll also do other tasks to help assist the pharmacist.

So what are the steps that you need to take to become a pharmacy technician? There are three things that you need in order to do the work as a certified pharmacy technician in California. The first thing is you need to get an Associates degree in a pharmacy related field, and you have to complete this training through an accredited college or technical school. In addition to that you have to attend a course that gives you at least 240 hours of instruction in the pharmacy field. The second way that you can attain certification is by working in a pharmacy related job in the military and providing proof of this experience. The third thing you can do is to get certified by passing the PTC exam that is given year-round by the pharmacy tech certification board.

If you meet the necessary specifications the filing fee for the application is $50 and you’ll also need be fingerprinted. In closing the deciding on a pharmacy tech career is an excellent choice. The healthcare industry is constantly expanding, and people looking for a job that requires a high attention to detail will find this job very fulfilling. This can easily turn into a lifelong career as it’s a 9-to-5 job that fits well with family life. It also has a lot of room for advancement so you can use it as the stepping stone to a more advanced position in the healthcare field.