Pharmacy technician program

The only way to be recognized as a certified pharmacy technician is to pass the exam offered by the pharmacy technician certification board. If you’re thinking of sitting this exam you’re going to need a minimum of a GED or high school diploma. The candidate who has the certification is much more likely to be hired because pharmacists will be certain of their capabilities. Your certification will remain valid for two years, after this time you have to retake the test. In addition to that during those two years you’ll have to work at least 20 hours in a pharmacy related job. This will allow you to earn money and continue to become more competent as a pharmacy technician.

You can find many online pharmacy technician programs to help you continue your education. The American College of clinical pharmacy offers many courses such as nutrition, respiratory, and men and women’s health all online. You can also find several e-learning courses available through different drug information Association’s. During recent times drugstore’s have gotten permission from the American Council to offer enhanced continuing education for pharmacy techs. Some of this education will focus on cold or cough symptoms and helping you identify commonly made medication errors in the pharmacy field. There’s also other courses about the essential requirements for controlling and self managing diabetes as well as guidelines to help you as a pharmacy tech administer care of these patients. George Washington University Hospital is currently recognized by the American Council to provide continuing online education for pharmacy techs, some of the courses that are available are in managing treatments for tuberculosis and also smoking.

Continuing education is a very important aspect for improving your skills a pharmacy tech. You’ll also be able to increase your knowledge about different drugs which is very important. The more knowledge of drugs you gain the better you’ll be able to understand the symptoms and details of different sicknesses, so you can give counseling and help handle patients more effectively over time.