Pharmacy technician resume

The pharmacy technician Field is among the fastest expanding jobs available in the world. While the recession continues to drag on its barely affected the pharmaceutical industry. Regardless of the economic climate people will still get sick and there are around 3.5 billion prescriptions filled every year.

It’s been said by many that there’s going to be a record increase in available positions until around 2016. If you have the interest and aptitude to excel in this profession.

You going to need to realize though that not anyone is able to become a pharmacy tech. There is a lot of competition because of how great this job is, there are many factors that successfully accounted for will allow you to get a good job.

The most important thing is education. You’ll need to possess accredited training to be allowed to assist your pharmacist. Excellent training will allow you to have the ability to understand which medicines mix negatively with the others, and any possible side effects or hazards you can counter. You’re also going to need to have strong customer service skills.

That’s not all you need. In addition to great training you’re going to find having a well put together resume is an invaluable asset.

The power of an excellent resume can never be understated. Mike Johnson the founder and chairman of the national pharmacy technician Association says that a key point that you want to emphasize on your resume is any experience that you have specific to the role of a pharmacy technician.

Another thing you can do to stand out from the pack is really emphasize your desire to learn new things. Susan Jeffrey knows this better than anyone as the former president of the American Association of pharmacy technicians. According to her adding just a sentence or two emphasizing your understanding and interest in learning and specialization is very important to achieve professional growth.

Finally you’re going to want to make known any academic achievements you’ve made. All certifications and licenses that have anything to do with the pharmaceutical industry need to be listed in their entirety. Any other unique skills should be listed as well like knowledge of multiple languages.