Some insight on pharmacy technician work

If you’re thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician one thing you’re going to need to have is excellent customer service ability, in addition to that a strong mathematical background and excellent reading comprehension skills will be a big plus. You’re going to need to also know the names of many different medicines, and you cannot have a criminal background that includes drug abuse. Most of the time pharmacies will get their technicians from colleges, the military or certified teaching institutions. Some community colleges will also have training programs and internship opportunities that allow you to train to become a pharmacy tech. These courses come in both the diploma and degree variety.

The job outlook for pharmacy technicians is looking very positive for many years to come, because of the need for qualified pharmacy techs and the amount of qualified people that exist to fill the positions. A pharmacy technician with adequate formal training will always be able to find a job even if you move to a new area. One negative thing is that there isn’t a lot of room to advance in this career, but you can move up to be a supervisor of your department or oversee different sales processes, if you get more schooling there’s even a chance to become a pharmacist.

You’ll most often find yourself completing your pharmacy technician work in an organized and clean environment, like hospital or a retail chain pharmacy. Because you’re going to be spending quite a lot of time on your feet being in good physical shape and generally healthy is a big benefit. As a pharmacy technician you can decide to work either full-time or part-time, and when you are starting out you’ll probably have to work some weekends evenings and perhaps even some holidays. The part-time jobs are excellent opportunity for students who are trying to finish up their education while also covering some of their expenses.

Try to find a job at a hospital as they often earn the most money. Being employed at a grocery store or a chain drugstore is okay, but hospitals are the best. Adding to that having a formal certification will also earn you more money, and if you add in the weekend and night shifts you’ll really start to see some good pay.