Becoming a certified pharmacy technician

Being a pharmacy assistant will allow you to play a very important role for the healthcare of our country, and you’ll only qualify to take over this role if you have the necessary training in current pharmacy technology. Luckily there is a vast amount of schools that offer excellent training all throughout Canada and the United States, where you can learn to become a certified pharmacy tech and help pharmacists with giving out medication and keeping the day-to-day operations going off without a hitch.

A pharmacist and pharmacy technician are not the same, but they share a lot of the same day to day duties. As the technician you’ll be doing most of the daily tasks. At technician school you’ll learn to do these general office tasks, and also to prepare the patient’s medication alongside your pharmacist. You’ll learn how to screen calls from different medical establishments and also from your patients, help patients with submitting the necessary documents to fill their prescription, recommend medicine and different healthcare products, putting in paperwork to insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare. And also put patient data in to the pharmacy database.

The continuing health of your patients will depend on your timely and accurate filling of their prescriptions, and it’s solely up to the pharmacy technician to make sure that the prescriptions are filled accurately. A lot of your training will be about how to order bulk medicines, creating compounds for oral solutions, creams, and ointments. Packaging up different medicines and much more. During your training you’ll also learn about health science, natural science, pharmacology, and basic mathematics.

To become a pharmacy tech you’re going to need a minimum of Associates degree with the focus of your study being on pharmacy related courses. You can obtain your degree from online schools, vocational schools or normal colleges. After you graduate you’ll be able to take the pharmacy technician certification to complete your formal training.