Certification review for pharmacy technicians

Every pharmacist will need an assistant to help them fulfill their daily duties. Someone to help them arrange their appointments, Bill patient prescriptions, maintain the medical supplies, update patient data, keep all office information organized, and write labels for prescriptions and so on.

The person who fills these duties is known as a pharmacy technician. In order to get a good salary I highly recommend that you take a certified learning course in order to gain an accredited pharmacy tech certification.

It only takes a few easy steps, first start by getting all the information you can about the job, talk to people who have real life experience on the job and see if it’s really what you want to do. Seek out a pharmacy where you can have a long-lasting career with them. If there’s a particular kind of certification they require find out more about it.

Try to find out everything that’s going to be on the certification test and be sure to study these areas well. With at least a high school diploma there are two different routes you could go, first you can go with the Institute for the certification of pharmacy technicians, and secondly there’s the pharmacy technician certification board.

The PTCB test typically has 90 multiple-choice questions, 10 of them are pre-test and don’t count towards your final score. This test will go over assisting the pharmacists serving their patients, maintaining medication, and inventory control systems.

The other test has 110 questions. Just like the first test the first 10 are pre-test and the other 100 count toward your final grade. This exam covers different drug products and drugs, the typical dispensing process as well is technician duties.

After you determine which certificate you’re going to go for, study the exam materials and go ahead and take the test. Be sure to use the sample and pre-tests provided on the different certification websites. Study hard and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded by a high paying and satisfying career.